Bicycle canopy company was established in January of 2009, after I invented my first bicycle canopy, in november of that same winter. After years of riding my bike through the cold winters and summer rains, I joined my landscaping and gardening experience,  with  bicycle mechanics and came up with my idea for a travelling greenhouse.

   For the first time I am warm and dry when I ride, I’m no longer opting to walk my bike when bitter winds pick up, or stay home in the rain. I ride my bike every day in any weather of any season.

    Everywhere I went I was complemented for my canopy design, and encouraged to invent it and patent it. I ride each day with renewed comfort and elation, smiling more and rushing to the library each day to work on my bicycle canopy invention.

   One day while riding in the rain, I was listening to the rain on the canopy roof , reminding me of rain on a nylon tent, and I noticed all the people outside of my canopy hunched over under umbrella or just getting soaked, in general, and suddenly I reached a state of nirvana. I was so calm and tranquil, a I had no stress to stay warm, and in fact it is somewhat like a portable tent, but more like a portable greenhouse.

   I began to try and sell design plans to build your own at home, not yet desiring to manufacture my canopy.

    This canopy provides a wonderful way to travel, green! It upgrades any ordinary bike that only the rugged can endure on any regular daily basis , to an average persons comfort  zone, so that anyone can ride to work or the grocery store, and save money , the earth , and  your own well -being.

   The canopy design plan is written in an idiot style guide with easy to understand directions so that an average person can build one.

please visit my site at jillnerkowski.weebly.com


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  2. Bike Forth » Blog Archive » Bicycle Canopy Research Says:

    […] Top of the list is the Bicycle Canopy Company. The name sounds promising but the product does not look much better than my prototype. Owner Jill Nerkowski writes “I joined my landscaping and gardening experience with  bicycle mechanics and came up with my idea for a traveling greenhouse…This bicycle canopy can be constructed in your home, with ordinary household tools and easy to purchase materials.” You have to give her credit for her massive amounts of hutzpah. She looks like kind of a lovable kook but hey, there but for the grace of God go I . http://jillnerkowski.weebly.com https://jillnerkowski.wordpress.com/about/ […]

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